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Cloud computing with RASSonline

RASSonline VideoOrganizations are facing greater pressure than ever to better manage their IT budgets, protect and manage their data and deliver mission critical applications to their users.

Managed Service Providers and ISVs are looking for ways to effectively deliver virtualization and Cloud services to their customers.

RASSOnline's RASS, the number one alternative to Citrix and Terminal Services, and RASSOnline's RASSCloud is a complete, turnkey Cloud computing solutions can be your answer to these challenges.  RASSOnline's best-of-breed solutions help you to minimize or eliminate capital expenses while providing users access to mission critical data and applications anywhere, anytime and on virtually any device, platform or operating system.

As businesses look for ways to cut costs, IT professionals are beginning to see a revolution in the way IT solutions are sold, engineered, and delivered. Corporations and SMB‟s alike cannot afford to keep purchasing traditional IT products and services due to their high cost and inefficiencies.  As corporate workforces continue to become more mobile, access to critical line of business and productivity applications has never been more important.

RASSOnline's unique, true turnkey virtualization and Cloud solutions can help you to better compete and win business in this ever changing and increasingly competitive environment.

The RASSOnline solution sets have been designed with service providers, integrators and independent software vendors in mind.  By delivering best-in-class products, services, solutions and infrastructures, RASSOnline makes it easy to deliver true enterprise-class virtualization solutions to your customers.

RASS – Remote Application Sharing Service

RASS is the easy to implement, configure and support application-publishing alternative to expensive and complex solutions like Citrix and Windows Terminal Services. With RASS, organizations can instantly publish their applications to the web while retaining 100% of the applications features, functions and branding and deliver these applications to virtually any device, platform or operating system regardless of location, platform, device, connection or operating system.

RASS can be hosted in a variety of environments, offering the most flexibility in the industry, significantly reducing costs, time to market and management while providing ultimately scalable, totally secure virtualization solutions.


RASSonline proudly introduces RASSCloud - the industry's first on-demand solution provider based infrastructure platform that enables IT integrators, MSP's, and software developers to build, manage, and control their own public and private cloud solutions.

RASSCloud provides Managed Service Providers and ISVs a highly scalable, easy to manage, ultimately flexible and very cost effective (profitable) turnkey cloud offering.

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Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Platform

With 100% of your application's features, functions and branding available - anywhere, anytime, immediately regardless of connection, location, platform or operating system - users experience their own virtual desktop with complete printing capabilities and no latency issues.