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RASSOnline, 6fusion Partner, to Deliver Applications in the Cloud

WEST PALM BEACH, FL - November 3, 2009

RASS and 6fusion USA, Inc. today announced a partnership to co-deliver cloud hosted desktop and server applications on demand. The joint offering promises to improve existing performance and cost limitations for customers moving away from a traditional on-site application delivery model. RASS features state-of-the-art technology to allow companies of all sizes to serve business applications to remote users. RASS is delivered from the 6fusion platform, which provides scalable, pay-per-use utility computing resources for customers around the world as a form of cloud computing.

"The goal of our partnership is to simplify the delivery of Windows, UNIX, and Linux applications to business users, while dramatically improving their performance over common internet connections," said RASS CEO Christian Johnston. According to 6fusion CEO John Cowan, "RASS powered by 6fusion's technology is an example of how IT services are changing with innovative software and scalable, limitless computing resources. This offering will completely change the game when it comes to desktop applications in the cloud."

RASSonline is designed to eliminate legacy remote access solutions and securely run almost any application. "What's great about RASS is that there really is no limit to the type of applications you can serve up and you don't need expensive and cumbersome platforms like Terminal Services or Citrix," said RASS VP of Sales and Marketing, Brad Calli. "Customers can run their standard office productivity software from companies like Microsoft or complex software systems such as Adobe," he added. RASS customers can log into their application servers leveraging standard Remote Desktop Protocol or even using a web browser. Secure access was a critical design element to the service offering. Johnston says this is a key feature for any cloud hosted desktop: "RASSonline features 256 bit encryption, which is must in the new world of cloud hosting."

The cloud computing back end for RASS is provided by 6fusion. "6fusion delivers scalable, limitless utility computing resources to IT service providers and software vendors on a global basis," explained Doug Steele, 6fusion's Director of Partner Development. "When you think about the capability of cloud and the valuable business case presented by RASS, you see the basis of powerful business partnership," he added. Calli admits the cloud changed their corporate perspective. "Before we met the team from 6fusion we had our sights set on a regional market. But by leveraging their platform we can make our technology instantly available to markets all around the world," he said. "And we can do it with no upfront capital expense," he added.

A free 14 day trial of RASS is currently available at www.rassonline.com. Companies interested in finding out more about partnering with RASSonline or 6fusion are encouraged to email sales@rassonline.com.

RASSOnline.com Announces Availability of RASS

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, USA - October 14, 2009

RASSonline.com today announced the availability of its RASS - Remote Application Sharing Service - server-based software solution that extends the reach of Windows, UNIX and Linux applications to any device, platform or operating system without the expense and complexities of Citrix or Microsoft Windows Terminal Services.

RASS is a thin-client, server-based solution that extends the reach of existing Windows, UNIX and Linux software applications to any remote device, platform or operating system without the need for expensive client-side servers. Customers install the RASS Server software and business applications are instantly "published" on the Internet without program changes. On the client side, users running Windows, UNIX, Linux, or Mac OS X simply log-in via a web browser or install the RASS thin client.

"By deploying RASSonline.com's remote application sharing service, customers can easily and affordably Web enable Windows, UNIX and Linux applications for cross-platform access over LANs, WANs, dial-up connections, or the Internet," said Brad Calli, VP Sales and Marketing of RASSonline.com . "With the combination of affordability, service and performance built into RASS, customers will find this a game-changing solution for remote, thin-client application delivery infrastructure."

RASS is available immediately for Windows, UNIX and Linux enviornments. For information and pricing please visit www.rassonline.com or email our Sales Team.

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