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MSPs are looking for ways to effectively and profitably deliver cloud and virtualization solutions to their customers but often face challenge due to the costs and complexities of solutions like Citrix and Windows Terminal Services.

RASS eliminates these challenges by offering an easy to implement, easy to manage, highly scalable solution with drag and drop functionality at a price that they, and their customers can afford.

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About RASS

Access your software applications anywhere, anytime and on virtually any device, platform or operating system - easily, inexpensively and intuitively with RASS.

RASS is the easy to implement, configure and support application-publishing alternative to expensive and complex solutions like Citrix and Windows Terminal Services. With RASS, organizations can instantly publish their applications to the web while retaining 100% of the applications features, functions and branding and delivering these applications to virtually any device, platform or operating system regardless of location, platform, connection or operating system.

RASS is an ideal solution for Managed Service Providers, MSP's, looking to bring cloud offerings to their customer base, ISVs looking to deliver their software via the Web and organizations looking to provide employee access to Line of Business Applications remotely. RASS does not require expensive hardware, Citrix or Terminal Services. RASS is the complete application sharing solution that powers Desktop as a Service, DaaS, Software as a Service, SaaS, Hardware as a Service, HaaS, and application delivery strategies.

RASS was developed with simplicity and performance in mind, with a lower TCO, cost of entry, cost of management and better performance than competing solutions.

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Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Platform

With 100% of your application's features, functions and branding available - anywhere, anytime, immediately regardless of connection, location, platform or operating system - users experience their own virtual desktop with complete printing capabilities and no latency issues.