RASS application publishing is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Easy and affordable, RASS publishes Windows applications in 5 minutes or less!

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Independent Software Developer

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Medical Product Distributor

About RASS

RASS is your organization's solution to Application Virtualization, Cloud, Software as a Service, Desktop as a Service and Desktop Virtualization challenges. RASS is the easy, powerful and affordable virtualization alternative to Citrix and Windows Terminal Services.

With RASS users avoid the expense and complications of Citrix and Windows Terminal Server.  RASS is the easy, affordable and powerful solution to your organizations Applications as a Service, AaaS, Software as a Service, SaaS, Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS, Hardware as a Service, HaaS, and Desktop as a Service, DaaS, delivery challenges.

RASS delivers solution providers the ability to quickly, efficiently and effectively virtualize business applications and deliver these virtualized applications to users while retaining 100% of the virtualized applications features, functions and branding, anywhere, anytime and on virtually any platform, device or Operating System.

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Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Platform

With 100% of your application's features, functions and branding available - anywhere, anytime, immediately regardless of connection, location, platform or operating system - users experience their own virtual desktop with complete printing capabilities and no latency issues.