RASS application publishing is as easy as 1,2,3.
Easy and affordable RASS publishes Windows applications in 5 minutes or less.

Easy RASS for today's application
sharing challenges

Eliminate Citrix and Windows Terminal Server

RASS saves you the expense and hassle of Citrix and Windows Terminal Server infrastructure. And unlike Citrix or Windows Terminal Server, RASS delivers low latency application Web access over dial-up and broadband connections.

Eliminate the Complexities of Application Publishing

RASS can be installed, configured and implemented in less than a day and managed by tier-one technical support staff. RASS eliminates common configuration headaches like printing and user on boarding. RASS is subscription based and allows for easy user scalability and management.

Publish Applications in Minutes

RASS's intuitive architecture allows solution providers, organizations and ISV's to easily web-enable applications and intuitively deliver these applications to users of all skill levels. RASS integrates seamlessly with existing permission-based systems and allows for secure management of critical data. RASS does not require custom coding, advanced IT skills or expensive client side servers and delivers 100% of an applications features, functions and branding to virtually any device, platform or operating system.

Access applications from any platform

RASS is the affordable, cross-platform Web-enabling and application publishing solution. It allows Linux users to run Windows applications. Windows users can run UNIX and Linux programs. Mac users can run Windows applications. Windows 98 users can Windows XP programs. Mix and match for the most effective application access solution.

Save BOTH Time & Money

RASS is an easy to install, saves you thousands vs. Citrix and is easy to implement and manage. There's nothing extra to buy and no expensive code to be written. Install the RASS thin client and you are finished. Using RASS maximizes the value of your current
business applications while lowering your total cost of ownership.

Quick and Easy Web enablement

No need to rewrite your applications for the Web with RASS. Make your Windows, UNIX and Linux applications instantly accessible from any Web browser on any platform without writing a single line of code.

Enhanced Security

Distributed applications create network security issues. RASS is designed to retain your mission critical applications and sensitive data securely on a central server behind your corporate firewall. RASS encrypted transmissions include Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and 256-bit AES protection.

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Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Platform

With 100% of your application's features, functions and branding available - anywhere, anytime, immediately regardless of connection, location, platform or operating system - users experience their own virtual desktop with complete printing capabilities and no latency issues.