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RASS Frequently Asked Questions

RASS is the easy and affordable way to web-enable Windows, Linux, and UNIX business applications in 5 minutes or less from any device, platform, or operating system. RASS delivers easy management, security, and scalability with drag-n-drop functionality for 32 and 64 bit applications.

Q. What are the components of RASS?

A. RASS consists of two parts: RASS server and RASS client software. RASS server runs on the server with the application being published. On the client side, users running Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X can log-in via a web browser or install the RASS client. 

Q. What type of applications can RASS web enable?

A. RASS publishes 32 and 64-bit multi-user capable Windows applications i.e. Microsoft Office, Peachtree Accounting, Intuit QuickBooks, etc.

Q. Where can I find RASS documentation and technical support information?

A. RASS Installation Notes, Administrator's Guide, Current Release Notes, patches, updates, and other documentation are available from our Customer Portal.

Q. Which versions of Windows are supported by RASS server?

A. RASS server requires one of the following Windows operating systems:

Q. How many users can connect to the RASS server?

A. A single user license can have only one connection to the server but several sessions. In other words, you can run multiple applications with the same user id or log-on. Licensing is based on concurrent usage, so users can connect from different stations or locations but only the allotted number of licenses can be checked out.

Q. Can I publish an entire PC desktop?

A. No, RASS is optimized to publish applications only. If you need access to the entire desktop, you can use Windows Terminal Services in parallel with RASS.

Q. Do I need to install or use a specific Web server to use RASS?

A. No, RASS does not require a Web server. However, a Web server is useful for distributing the RASS client.

Q. If I have a Web server, do I need to install RASS server on the same system as my Web server?

A. No, your Web server can be a separate server. However, you will need to copy the Web files provided during installation, to the Web server. You will also need to modify the appropriate HTML pages to reflect the host name of the RASS server.

Product Licensing FAQs

Q. Where can I find pricing to get more user licenses?

A. Please contact our RASS Sales Team by emailing sales@rassonline.com or contacting sales via phone at 888-476-7277.

Q. How do I transfer my license to a different server/host?

A. You must submit a service ticket by emailing support@rassonline.com or contacting our support team via phone at 888-476-7277.

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