Improved efficiencies, reduced costs, complete flexibility, total scalability, multiple redundancies, compliance exceeding security and ease of implementation and management into a single turnkey platform.

Why RASSCloud?

The RASSCloud offering was designed specifically for MSP’s and ISVs to eliminate the many complications and barriers to entry that exist in traditional cloud and virtualization platforms and projects.  Traditionally MSPs and ISVs have had to integrate numerous disparate and complex technologies and deliver solutions from expensive and unreliable HaaS providers.

RASSCloud has eliminated the questions and pain surrounding cloud migration, we have done the hard work for you by integrating best-of-breed solutions and infrastructure into an easy to manage, highly scalable, extremely flexible, cost competitive turnkey Cloud solution.

There are many benefits to a cloud migration and infrastructure, and RASSCloud helps you to capitalize on them all.


In order to deliver the most secure platform, we built our infrastructure from the ground up on enterprise grade hardware. All servers and data are stored in multiple SAS-70 certified data centers for maximum security and regulatory compliance.


The RASSCloud network is connected through multiple tier 1 internet backbones. This affords you complete peace of mind from a fully redundant system running at a 99.99% uptime. Other platform features include load balancing, fault tolerance, and full site replication with instant failover in 'disaster' situations.

Scalability & Management:

As your business continues to grow, so does your vPDC solution. Our infrastructure provides you with unmatched flexibility and management that gives you the edge over other traditional cloud computing providers. With RASSCloud, you have the complete freedom to maintain native control of your infrastructure and clients.

RASSCloud Benefits:
  • Anywhere, Anytime Access
  • Centralized Management and Control
  • Enhanced Security

  • Reduced Management and Infrastructure Costs
  • Ease of migration, implementation and management (true Turnkey)
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Global Cloud Infrastructure
  • True Business Continuity infrastructure and solutions
  • Reduced operational risks and costs
  • Best-of-breed solution pre-integration
RASSCloud Features:
  • Full control of your private cloud environment
  • On-Demand resources
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • 99.99% SLA on hardware and network
  • Geographically diverse SAS-70 data centers
Why RASSCloud?

Why waste thousands of dollars on servers, storage, bandwidth and colocation space. The Artisan vPDC platform, empowers you to deliver your own customizable cloud infrastructure and IT solutions for a fraction of the cost.

Complete Flexibility

RASSCloud offers a true, turnkey on-demand infrastructure to enable your cloud offerings:

RASSCloud allows MSPs, ISVs, and integrators the ability to easily build, manage and control their own public and private cloud solutions with the most comprehensive and flexible pricing, configuration and modeling solutions in the market today.  RASSCloud’s infrastructure provides for multi-tenant, globally diverse, secure and high availability platforms with near 100% uptime expectations.

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Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Platform

With 100% of your application's features, functions and branding available - anywhere, anytime, immediately regardless of connection, location, platform or operating system - users experience their own virtual desktop with complete printing capabilities and no latency issues.